Russian brides

Russian Brides Online Dating

Russian Brides Online Dating

General Things to Watch Out For

With hundreds and hundreds of Russian brides online dating profiles available it is very possible you will encounter some postings that are anything but legit. Long gone are the old days of Russian wife mail order when men had little control over the process of finding and choosing a mate from Russia. Today, there is an easier way and learning how to find a real Russian bride involves learning how to verify profiles. All you need to a bit of time and a bit of common sense.

When it comes to scams, they are unfortunately real so you do need to be careful with the profiles you connect with online. If the scam is present, it will often seem to follow a similar pattern, meaning you will find a lot of profiles that look alike or that share the same wording, especially the same spelling mistakes and grammatical issues, and then it is time for you to look elsewhere for the Russian woman you are seeking. False profiles are often like a template where pictures are swapped out and replaced with different ones or the wording is changed up but the pictures remain the same as another profile. A good way to catch something like this is to put an image through Google Image Search to see if any other matches pull up with different profile listings.

Playing Your Heart Strings and Your Wallet

When you encounter a scam the first thing that will happen is your heart strings will be pulled…you’ll get roped in by a plea and you, being the kind human being you are, will definitely want to help and scammers are counting on the fact that you will do so.  Soon after giving you some sob story, they will be asking for money from you and pointing out how you are the only person who can rescue them from their financial dilemma. When this happens, cut ties. This is not at all the real relationship you are looking for and you will be taken for your money and left with nothing but heartbreak.

Read Over Communications Carefully

Imagine you start communicating with your Russian beauty after you made a connection via a profile.  When you email her and ask questions, does it seem like the email was never read at all, that the answers to questions don’t quite match up, or that the email seems more like gushy poor poetic nonsense? This is cause for concern and is definitely not a translation issue.  If the communications aren’t relatively clear and you get the sense that you are reaching out to someone and getting no suitable feedback in return, there’s a chance the emails are going unread altogether.