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From Virtual Relationship to Full-Blown Love Affair – how to attract Russian women

From Virtual Relationship to Full-Blown Love Affair – how to attract Russian women

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A huge number of websites is created, where you can not only look at your future partner, but also to maintain online relationship with Russian women.

But very often there is a lack of understanding for how to attract Russian girl, which sometimes can`t be avoided due to the difference in culture and language.

Russian women for love have features inherent to them only – one of them is that they really take care of their appearance, and the other is that family and home are high-priority for them, and career is lower.

What should foreign man do to attract the attention of girls?

First of all any Slavic woman will critique you with a look to notice if you are well-groomed. They don`t like the dirty shoes or messy hair. They can`t understand how much your shoes cost, but they will surely notice if they are polished.

What could especially make such a woman interested?

Women really appreciate when they have a strong man’s shoulder on which you can always rely on; when there is a man you can trust in everything. So if you are self-confident, serious and brave man, you have all the chances to win her heart. They really like it when a man is harsh with others, but kind and gentle with her; and of course when their hearts are full of romance.

What can a man do to surprise Russian ladies?

The thing is, ladies are very romantic but, unfortunately, rarely get it from the men. In most cases, they are simply dreaming about dinner by candlelight, champagne or wine and words of love. And most of all they have to do it by themselves. So, to attract lady there is nothing difficult to do: it is enough to bring unexpected flowers, clean apartment in a non-scheduled day off, or ask her for dinner in the restaurant for no reason, just like that – this is more than enough to make her happy

What do they like to receive as a gift?

Slavic girls don`t need diamonds or uninhabited islands, it will be enough to gift her a bouquet of roses, daisies, or something on a first date, or a modest wedding ring on your engagement. They love surprises and mostly value not the price, but your attention.

What are the most common mistakes can be made in relations with Russian woman?

First, and most important, man should present a woman flowers on a first date, it is the rule, and she will be very upset if you don`t do this. Of course he shouldn`t forget about these signs of attention in the future, but the first meeting is very important. Girls like when her partner is interesting and cheerful, they don`t like boring men. They are also not afraid to seem funny and laugh. They like it when a man has sense of humor, but don`t tolerate if he is laughing at her.